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About eTalkGlobal . . .
Hello, my name is Marilee and I am a Canadian.  I am a retired teacher and I taught for 40 years.  I believe in life long learning and that anything is possible with a positive attitude.  Our family has hosted many international students over 11 years and we have really enjoyed learning about all the various cultures and countries they call home.  Their English experience was enhanced by talking as much English as possible. Conversations over dinner provided a comfortable, non-judgemental atmosphere to practice their conversational English.  The more they spoke English, the more their confidence grew and their contact with native English speakers became less intimidating.  Everyday living in a totally English environment became more of a positive experience and their time in Canada became a trip of lifelong memories.
eTalkGlobal was born out of a love of assisting people of various cultures to feel comfortable in an English speaking culture.  Face to Face One on One, we will make it happen!
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